Wayne Longhurst is a linocut artist from Sussex, England

Born in Brighton, Wayne moved along the coast to Worthing in 2011. He started creating linocut prints when he first heard about the medium in 2013, after a chance meeting with another printmaker and being inspired to teach himself.   Wayne immediately took to it, and was soon smitten with the process.  

Always wishing to challenge himself, he is constantly on the lookout for the next  print which will push his boundaries even further.  He set out with the intention of making them as photo-realistic as he possibly could. To achieve this, they have all been printed using the “reduction technique”.  This means that they are all printed from a single piece of lino, with the printable surface carved away (reduced) between each layer, which means that any linocut made in this way can never be printed again - creating a hugely limited edition piece of original artwork. To acheive the detail you see, there are up to 10 layers of ink.